The Small Countries Financial Management Programme brings together officials from finance ministries, central banks, and regulatory bodies in small developing countries for a two-week executive education programme designed to stimulate fresh approaches to the challenges they and their countries face.

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The intensive learning experience in the Isle of Man and Oxford gives participants access to some of the best practitioners and professors in the world from Oxford and other leading universities, and allows them to share their own insights with counterparts from other small countries.

Along with acquiring enhanced knowledge and new ways of approaching seemingly intractable problems, the 24 participants develop a sense of shared purpose and community of interest. A strong focus on financial integrity, prudent regulation, and economic management is complemented by sessions to improve leadership skills and the capacity to negotiate effectively.

Alumni of the 2009 through 2018 programmes are now acting as catalysts for change within their governments, so that the benefits are stretching beyond those accruing to the individual officials who attended the programme. They are applying the lessons they learned on the programme as they cope with global financial uncertainty, while also seeking to cooperate with international organisations and standard-setting bodies.



30th June - 12th July 2019

Please note that the closing date for Applications is the 14th February 2019

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