The overarching philosophy of the programme is that it will be 'operationally useful'. Participants will, therefore, leave the programme equipped with:

  • A wide range of skills and powerful techniques designed to help them directly in their day-to-day roles.
  • New insights into the broader workings of the global economy, its major state and multilateral players, and the latest developments in the regulatory field.
  • A deeper understanding of the common challenges faced by small states and the resources available to solve them.
  • A broader perspective of what is involved in effecting change in political environments.
  • Insights, recommendations, and specific measures to address a particular challenge that their government's financial sector faces.
  • The skills and strategic understanding to become better negotiators within their own government and with external partners.
  • Strong bonds with fellow delegates. The scope, duration, and intensity of the programme provides participants with an invaluable network of peers in other countries which enables them to forge powerful networks of information and influence, now and in the future.Sparrow Teaching Lo Res


30th June - 12th July 2019

Please note that the closing date for Applications is the 14th February 2019

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