Programme Outline

The Programme in Outline

There is a core curriculum within which there are some elective options on two of the days. This allows participants from countries that have financial centres to focus on topics that have specific relevance to those areas, whilst others can to choose topics that are also relevant to their needs.

All of the topics covered will take account of possible impacts from the financial crisis and include:

  • New approaches to Risk Management
  • New perspectives and insights into Regulatory Practices
  • Tax Policy and perspectives on transparency
  • Anti-money laundering/ countering the financing of terrorism
  • Understanding and preventing criminal activity in the financial sector
  • The scope for regulatory collaboration among small countries
  • The International Assessment Process
  • Debt Management
  • Cash Management and alternative investment strategies
  • Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks
  • Budgeting
  • The challenges involved in implementing change in government
  • Building proactive and effective partnerships with international bodies
  • Management and project delivery challenges in public service
  • The rule of law
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation skills

Equally important will be the connecting of these topics to the personal challenges on which each of the participants will be working, culminating in three days of developing negotiation skills aimed at improving the effectiveness of any solutions developed during the two weeks, again, linked to delivering any outputs from the programme. The primary challenge for the programme is that any outputs should be 'operationally' useful.


The Small Countries Financial Management Centre Negotiation Programme in the Cook Islands

Monday 15th to Friday 19th January 2018

This Programme, presented by the SCFMC in partnership with the Government of the Cook Islands, is for senior executives and emerging leaders from private, public and non-profit sectors in the Pacific region, who wish to enhance their negotiating skills

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Closing date for applications is
8 December 2017

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