The Oxford Experience

On Monday morning they have a highly interactive session on leadership led by the prominent actor - turned teacher, Phillida Hancock, who draws leadership lessons from Shakespeare's Henry V before working further on reframing their challanges Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday they embark on a two and a half day customised version of the Oxford Programme on Negotiation, learning the building blocks of persuasion and decision-making before moving onto skills and strategies for increasingly complex negotiations.  

2010 Group With Radcliffe Camera Lo ResIn highly interactive sessions, they participate in simulations where they adopt a range of different roles. Incorporated in this portion of the programme is a half-day on cross-cultural negotiations and some lessons drawn from important recent international negotiations in which small states issues have been addressed.

Wednesday afternoon the participants enjoy a guided walking tour of Oxford and on two of the evenings in Oxford there will be dinners held in the traditional dining halls of Oxford colleges.

Dinner At Exeter Lowest Res


17th - 29th June 2018

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